Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gaming Quiz #3 'I came here to chew bubble gum and kick ass... and I am all out of bubble gum'

Merry Christmas to all! And here is today's dose.

1. X is a famous sci-fi novel by Larry Niven. The storyline of the novel was instrumental in inspiring the video game franchise Y. The game Y has become a cultural phenomenon, the collective group of fans often termed the 'Y Nation'. 
ID X and Y. (10)

2.X is the term for a type of movie-making, which uses video game cut-scenes and gameplay; often done by fans. The Y Company is group of X artists, who are credited with inventing the artform, and creating, which distributes such films on the web.
What are X and Y? (10)
(Hint: A famous South Park episode)

3. Due to Nazi symbols such as the Swastika, this game was banned in Germany. Released as a shareware, it is widely regarded as having popularized an early version of the FPS genre. Name the game. (5)

4. Connect these four images: (to gaming, obviously) (10)

5.  Who is this person and why is he here? ( I am not sure but I think I also saw him hosting a show on Discovery or somewhere.) (5)


  1. 1. X is RingWorld
    Y is Halo
    2. machinima(not sure)
    3. ace of spades
    5. Tom Clancy;
    famous tom clancy games

  2. 1.x=ringworld y=halo
    2.x=machinima y=strange company
    3.wolfenstein 3d
    4.the legend of zelda: ocarina of time 3d
    5.Tom clancy
    He co-founded the video game developer Red Storm Entertainment and ever since he has had his name on several of Red Storm's most successful games.

  3. 1.X-Ringworld
    4.The legend of Zelda:Ocarina Of time
    5.Tom Clancy.for some helicopter show on tv

  4. 1. X is RingWorld
    Y is Halo.
    2. Machinima(not sure abt this one though :P)
    3. Ace of Spades
    5. Tom Clancy; number of FPS games named after it.

  5. 1. Ringworld; Halo

    2. X= Machinima ; Y = Strange Company

    3. Wolfenstein

    4. Zelda

    logic: Nintendo's game, Robin williams named his daughter Zelda, Rupee is the unit of currency within most of the Zelda universe, and (after googling hard) surprisingly there is a Legend of Zelda Mirinda commercial :P

    5. Tom Clancy ; he is here coz he co-founded Red Storm Entertainment, which made games like, Splinter cell and rainbow six.

  6. 1. Ringworld, Halo
    2. Machinima, Strange Company
    3. Wolfenstein
    4. Robin Williams daughter is Zelda Williams. Princess Zelda is a nintendo gaming character.


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