Monday, December 26, 2011

Gaming Quiz #4 Zergling Rush

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1. Connect:
a) a legendary 8-headed and 8-tailed Japanese dragon that was slain by the Shinto Storm God
b) a Latin title equivalent to commander in English
c) a genus of extremely poisonous australian snakes
d) a group of highly venomous land dwelling snakes of Africa

2. Why is this person a part of this Gaming Quiz? (10)

3. What has been erased in the following screenshot? (5)

4. ID the game. (10)

5. In an unusual attempt at a Guinness World Record, a group of students at Brown University installed thousands of light bulbs in their Library windows. They also used data line cables, custom circuits and a Linux computer. 
What was the fuss all about? (10)


  1. 1.mouse devices by Razer,USA
    2.Andy Gray, removed from FIFA 12 commentry lineup this year.
    3.image of bhagat singh
    4.Donkey Kong(NES)
    5.La Bastille, a 10-story-tall version of the video game Tetris and
     it is also told to be  the world's largest fully-functional Tetris game.

  2. 1. Razer (Mouse)
    (Orochi, Imperator, Mamba, Lachesis) // easy if u r a sTuG :D

    2. SI Games (Football Manager)

    The guy is wearing an Everton FC shirt. The only thing which wud relate here cud be about the deal between Everton and Sports Interactive. The deal which gives the FootballManager's huge Database to David (wild one)

    3. Kills [guess :( ]

    4. Donkey Kong

    5. Tetris (they did all that to develop the old Tetris game which they played with light bulbs n stuff)

  3. answers
    1. orochi mamba death adder imperator
    razer gaming mice
    2. andy gray
    removed from commentary in fifa12 due to charges of sexism
    was the voice of the games since fifa06(good guess there shaurya but wrong this tym)
    3. a picture of bhagat singh
    4. donkey kong (we will also consider jr)
    5.they were playing tetris!!!

  4. 1. Orochi, Imperator, Mamba, Deathadder.. All names adopted for Gaming mice by Razer.. (nice ques!!)
    2. Andy Gray. No longer doing commentary for Fifa12
    3. No idea
    4. Donkey Kong...
    5. The world largest Tetris like game...


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