Tuesday, July 14, 2015

SS #8: One Foster Father

Difficulty - 4/5

Note: Do read the 'How to Play' and 'Caution' sections on the Summer Slam page before attempting to answer the question.


And almost:



  1. Alan Smithee :Pseudonym for directors who wished to disown their projects (1968-2000)
    1.Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996), directed by Kevin Yagher
    2."I Will Always Love You" - Whitney Houston (1992) from the soundtrack for The Bodyguard, directed by Nick Brandt
    3.American History X -Kaye,the film's director disowned the third version as the final cut of the film, as he did not approve of its quality. He tried and failed to have his name removed from the credits, openly telling some interviewers he tried to invoke the Alan Smithee pseudonym .

  2. Kudos to Swapna Kuruganty! Perfect connect.


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