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Starting June 1st, 2016 at 8:00 p.m., Q-BIT Summer Slam brings you a month of intense MAGICAL quizzing. Be ready to tackle the whirlwind of questions, compete against time and slam your way to glory! 
  • Code of Active Competition: An active leader-board will be maintained, which we will update every Sunday. 
  • Quizzing for Muggles made interesting: THEMED WEEKS. Every week will have a separate theme based on which questions will be posted. The theme for the week will be posted on our QBIT and UNESQUO pages. Do follow the pages closely for updates.
  • Code for Question Timing: Everyday, the question will be released at 8:00 PM sharp. We will strictly adhere to the timing of the question. 
  • Answer Deliverance Act:The correct answer, together with complete explanation will be posted after sufficient time. While the answer isn't out, the question remains open.
  • Code for Cryptic Clues:The title of the question and/or the URL of the images we put up can be hints, so watch out!
  • Scoring Pattern Charter:The scoring methodology is similar to previous Q-BIT blog quizzes and is given below.
  • Need for Wizarding Speed: The questions will mostly be googleable, so the faster you post your answer, more chances of you winning! 
  • International Code of No Panic: No matter what happens, believe in God (particularly, Lord Brahma!), and believe in the Ministry of Wit and Wisdom (ie Us).
  • Crack the question and post the answer as a commentComments are moderated and would only be visible after the answer is posted. 
  • Do try to hit the nail on the head in one go. This is not Mystique-style (enter all possible guesses and proceed to the next level) quizzing. In case of multiple answers from one participant, only the last answer would be considered valid, with all previous ones void, and the time of posting of this last comment would be applicable in score calculation.

  • Do not compromise the spirit of the game. Beware that instances of foul play will lead to disqualification. Summer Slam is best enjoyed as a lone wolf.

The methodology of calculating the points scored is as follows:

  • Every question is worth 100 points.
  • The points are divided by the number of correct answers to give the average score, say the number of correct answers is 20, so the average is 5 points.
  • The first person gets the maximum points, then the average points are subtracted for each subsequent answer. In our example, the first person gets 100, the next gets (100-5)=95, then (95-5)=90 and so on.
  • All decimals are rounded off.
  • Exceptional Sunday Decree: For Super Sundays, the scoring pattern will be given along with the question itself.
For any further queries, do not hesitate to send us a message on our facebook page:
The Ministry wishes all you muggles a happy and competitive summerslam time! 

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